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Download PDF 1 What is node. It will be loaded into the machine memory to run the program, once the application is started.

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Top 50 Node.js Interview Questions

What is Node. Where can you use it? Answer : Node. It is used to build scalable programs especially web applications that are computationally simple but are frequently accessed. You can use Node. You can also use it for developing: Real-time web applications, Network applications, General-purpose applications, and Distributed systems. What is the difference between Node. Answer: The difference between Node. Which types of application developed using Node js? Answer: You can develop Real-time web applications, Network applications, Distributed Systems, and General-purpose applications using the Node js.

What is the Punycode in Node. It is bundled with Node. If you want to use it with other Node. What are the functionalities of NPM in Node. It is a simple program that accepts the commands, evaluates them, and finally prints the results. REPL performs the following tasks. In which Language Node Js is written? What you mean by chaining in Node. Why should you use Node. Answer: Scalable network programs can be developed easily by Node.

Explain various stream of Node. Answer: In Node. They are just an object and following four types of streams are there in Node. What is npm? What is the main functionality of npm? Answer: npm stands for Node Package Manager. Following are the two main functionalities of npm: Online repositories for node.

Explain callback in Node. Answer : A callback function is called at the completion of a given task. This allows other code to be run in the meantime and prevents any blocking. Being an asynchronous platform, Node. All APIs of Node are written to support callbacks. What is the difference between AngularJS and Node. Answer: Angular. JS is a web application development framework while Node.

Js Callback Handler? Answer: Node. And if there is no error, then the argument defaults to null or undefined. Answer : To create a custom directive, we have to first register it with the application object by calling the function. While invoking the method of, we need to give the name of the function implementing the logic for that directive.

For example, in the below code, we have created a copyright directive which returns a copyright text. What is error-first callback in Node JS? Answer: In order to check for the proper working of the code, we need to verify error-free execution. In this regard, error-first callbacks are used, that will send error first, followed by related data to the error.

What happens if Node. Answer: From time to time, we keep adding more questions to this course. Our aim is to keep you always updated with the latest interview questions on Node.

What is the level of questions in this course? Answer : This course contains questions that are good for a Fresher to an Architect level. The difficulty level of question varies in the course from a Fresher to an Experienced professional.

What is NPM? What is the need of NPM in Node. Answer: NPM stands for Node. It comes with Node. This package manages and supports various commands to install and remove the modules. Here one important note is we require either package.

One of the best things about npm is that it locally stores all dependencies. For example, if module X uses module A version 1. The need for npm package While I was working on a real node. Recently, I thought these libraries could be useful for others. Afterward, I discovered the npm package.

Explain Karma And Jasmine in Node. This is not a testing framework like Jasmine or Mocha or Chai etc. It only allows us to run JavaScript test cases written using testing frameworks like Jasmine.

Since DOM rendering across browsers varies, for the correctness of the test report it uses real browsers. It can configure what browsers need to be used while running Karma. How does the Node. Answer: The require : Node. While many modules must be explicitly downloaded, some modules, such as HTTP, called core modules, are bundled with node. The createServer takes a callback function as an argument. This callback function is executed each time the server receives a new request.

The callback function takes two arguments, request, and response. Similarly, the response object is used to return data back to the client. How can you use Node. Answer: MQTT is the most commonly used protocol on the internet of things. There are two key things one has to understand; i.

Let us see some background about publisher and subscriber. Subscriber is the one which is interested in receiving messages which are published, by the publisher. You can have one or more subscribers registered to receive messages. Company Each of these clients gets subscribed to messages via topic or topics. The publisher is the one who is responsible for publishing the messages. All clients who are subscribed to a specific topic or topics will get notified with the message published by the publisher.

How can you Implement Visitor Counter in Node. Answer : We would just like to implement a simple hit count for our web server. For example, we know that in ASP. NET application variables are globally shareable and static in nature, in other words, if a user changes a value then all users will see the changed version. Answer: Callback function is used in node. Call back function allows the server to deal with pending request first and call a function when it is finished.

List some of the big advantages of using Node. Answer: Ability to build scalable programs Increased concurrency Asynchronous capabilities. What are event listeners? Answer: Events that are emitted by event emitters have to listen in order to continue the asynchronous execution of the threads.

These objects that listens to the emitted events are known as listeners. Explain file system module of Node Node fs module provides a simple file system module to perform files related operation. For example, readFile function is asynchronous function to read file content from specified path and readFileSync is synchronous function to read files. What is the biggest benefit of this course to me? Answer: Finally, the biggest benefit of this course is that you will be able to demand a higher salary in your next job interview.

It is good to learn Node. But if you do not know how to handle interview questions on Node.

Node Js Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

What is Node. Where can you use it? Answer : Node. It is used to build scalable programs especially web applications that are computationally simple but are frequently accessed. You can use Node.

It is very efficient and helps developers rapidly build applications without much effort. The number of vacancies of Node. And, this calls for the most preparation you can get. This Top Node js interview questions blog is carefully curated to give you answers to some of the most asked questions in a Node js interview. Upon using the guide carefully, you are sure to give yourself the competitive edge that is required to ace the interviews.

Node.js Interview Questions and Answers Book

It is a JS environment used to execute JavaScript code outside the browser. Its increasing popularity has sparked a demand for Node. If you wish to make a career in Node. Answer: In its elemental sense, Node. Built with performance as its primary focus, Node.

Top 25 Node.js Interview Questions & Answers

Node Js is one of the most popular and powerful server technologies today. It allows you to built the entire website only in one programming Language i.

What is Node JS?

It does not expose child threads and thread management methods to the developer. Technically, Node. If threading support is desired in a Node. In fact, Node. How does Node. Since Node.

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Node Js Interview Questions And Answers Pdf. 1. What is Where can you use it? Answer: is server-side scripting.


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Download PDF. 1) What is is a Server side scripting which is used to build scalable programs. Its multiple advantages over.


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Node Js Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers. 1) What is Node js? 2) Explain CLI in 3) In which Language Node Js is written.


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