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Preparation and Evaluation of Sunflower Oil Nanoemulsion as a Sunscreen

The present study aimed to design, optimize , and evaluate primaquine loaded nanoemulgel for malaria treatment. Nanoemulgel was prepared with the help of different components such as castor oil, Tween Transcutol P S mix ratio , and polymers. Pseudoternary phase diagram was constructed to optimize S mix ratio. Based on these parameter results, F5 formulation was selected as an optimized formulation. The prepared nanoemulgel was evaluated with the following parameters: percent drug content, in vitro drug release, ex vivo skin permeation, pH determination, spreadability determination, and viscosity measurement.

This paper emphasizes the formation of a positively charged nanoemulsion system for steroid drugs hydrocortisone. It is believed that positively charged nanoemulsion provides more effective penetration of the skin. Therefore in our study we focused on the incorporation of phytosphingosine which serves as a positively charged cosurfactant in the nanoemulsion system. Negatively charged nanoemulsions were formulated mainly for comparison. The oil-in-water nanoemulsion also showed good viscosity, conductivity, and pH values. From TEM micrograph, particle size showed consistent results with the measurement using photon correlation spectroscopy. It was concluded that both positively and negatively charged nanoemulsions showed good stability and have great potential in transdermal delivery system.

The aim of the present study to develop a nanoemulsion gel formulation of poorly water soluble drug tenoxicam for the transdermal delivery. Nanoemulsions have the particle size range in nano range. To develop the nanoemulsion here ethyl oleate, tween and propylene glycol were selected among various types of oils, surfactants and co-surfactants for preparing nanoemulsion. Various oil-in-water nanoemulsions were prepared by the spontaneous emulsification method. The nanoemulsion area was identified by constructing ternary phase diagrams. The prepared nanoemulsions were subjected to different thermodynamic stability tests to screen out the stable formulations among various prepared formulation having different smix ratios with oil phase. The Tenoxicam containing nanoemulsion gel was prepared and characterized for particle size, zeta potential, pH, In-vitro drug release and viscosity.


Nanoemulsions are clear, thermodynamically stable mixtures of oil, water, surfactant and co-surfactant. These are the oil-in-water type of emulsions with the average droplet size ranging from 5 nm to nm. Nanoemulsions are thermodynamically stable transparent or translucent dispersions of oil and water stabilized by an interfacial film of surfactant and co-surfactant molecules having a droplet size of less than nm. This review provides brief information about the method of preparation and evaluation of nanoemulsion as drug carriers for improving the delivery of therapeutic agents. There are several techniques are to be used for preparation of nanoemulsions like high pressure homogenization, microfluidization, low energy emulsification and solvent evaporation method and parameter that are to be used for its characterization like droplet size analysis, viscosity determination, drug content, refractive index, pH, zeta potential, Transmission electron microscopy, thermal stability, release and in vitro skin permeation study. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

Sunscreen product that contains active chemical ingredients sometimes has harmful effects on the skin. Sunflower oil contains vitamin E and acts as a natural sunscreen which can absorb UVB light. The average droplet size of nanoemulsion is between and nm and do not show the problems of stability creaming, flocculation, coalescence, and sedimentation , which are commonly associated with macroemulsions. The aim of this study was to prepare and evaluate the sunflower oil nanoemulsion as a sunscreen. The results of nanoemulsion evaluation showed that nanoemulsion formula F1 had the smallest average particle size of The SPF value of all nanoemulsion preparations was higher than that of the emulsion.

Metrics details. Norcantharidin NCTD , a demethylated derivative of cantharidin defensive toxin of blister beetles , has been reported to exhibit insecticidal activity against various types of agricultural pests. However, NCTD applications are limited by its poor water solubility and high dosage requirement. Nanoemulsions have attracted much attentions due to the transparent or translucence appearance, physical stability, high bioavailability and non-irritant in nature. In general, nanoemulsions with small droplet size can enhance the bioavailability of drugs, whereas this phenomenon is likely system dependent.

Various oil-in-water nanoemulsions are prepared by the spontaneous emulsification method. The nanoemulsion formulations that passed.

Formulation and Evaluation of Topical Ketoconazole Nano emulsion

Show all documents The Itraconazole nanoemulsion formulations were prepared by solvent displacement method using Capryol 90 as lipid phase was dissolved in water miscible organic solvent methanol. The organic phase oil and Itraconazole drug was mixed into an aqueous phase containing poloxamer , tween 80 and distilled water to produce nanoemulsion by quick dispersion of organic solvent.

TThe treatment of fungal skin infections using antifungal drug topical preparations often takes a long time for treatment. The advantages of using topical medication Is to reduce the risk of side effects from medication Including reducing the chance of interacting with other drugs. But when having a chronic or widespread fungal disease on the skin area, the patient must use oral medicatiopical medication.

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The components for the formulation of nanoemulsion were Coconut oil selected as the oil phase, surfactants namely Tween 80 and the.


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