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In mathematics , physics and chemistry , a space group is the symmetry group of a configuration in space, usually in three dimensions.

Although crystallographers and solid-state spectroscopists have much in common, differences in background and tradition raise obstacles for an easy communication between the two groups of scientists. The present article features the concept of the Factor Group , which has its roots in group theory and crystallography, and is essential in the analysis of vibrational spectra of solids. A unified exposition of many concepts related to the factor group is given. The calcite structure of sodium nitrate is chosen as an illustrative example.

Space group

Space group , in crystallography , any of the ways in which the orientation of a crystal can be changed without seeming to change the position of its atoms. These changes may involve displacement of the whole structure along a crystallographic axis translation , as well as the point group operations of rotation about an axis, reflection in a plane, inversion about a centre, or sequential rotary inversion. As demonstrated in the s, only distinct combinations of these changes are possible; these combinations define the space groups. A crystal can be assigned to one of these groups after the arrangement of its atoms is studied, as by X-ray crystallography, thereby providing a definitive way of categorizing the inherent symmetry of the crystal. See also symmetry in crystallography.

Space group

Space groups are classified, according to different criteria, into types, classes, systems and families. Depending on the specific research topic, some of these concepts will be more relevant to the everyday crystallographer than others. Unfortunately, incorrect use of the classification terms often leads to misunderstandings. This article presents the rationale behind the different classification levels. Keywords: space-group classification ; crystal classes ; crystal systems ; crystal families ; Bravais classes ; lattice systems.

This web page has been translated into Romanian by Alexander Ovsov. In crystallography, symmetry is used to characterize crystals, identify repeating parts of molecules, and simplify both data collection and nearly all calculations. Also, the symmetry of physical properties of a crystal such as thermal conductivity and optical activity must include the symmetry of the crystal. A clear, brief description of crystallographic symmetry was prepared by Robert Von Dreele. An object is described as symmetric with respect to a transformation if the object appears to be in a state that is identical to its initial state, after the transformation. In crystallography, most types of symmetry can be described in terms of an apparent movement of the object such as some type of rotation or translation.

PDF | Geometric algebra provides the essential foundation for a new approach to symmetry,groups. Each of the 32 lattice point groups and

Space group

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Symmetry-operations, Point Groups, Space Groups and Crystal Structure Kj/mv 210

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Symmetry-operations, Point Groups, Space Groups and Crystal Structure Kj/mv 210


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