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Nevertheless, one could not identify one single gene among thousands of fragments of DNA—until Edward Southern 1 introduced his eponymous powerful DNA transfer and probing technique in

Northern and Southern Blot Protocols & Introduction

Northern and Southern blotting are standard molecular biology techniques for identification and quantification of RNA and DNA respectively. Effective isolation and detection of RNA and DNA in molecular biology research is critical to gene discovery, sequencing, and mapping used in diagnostics and industry applications. Northern and Southern blot analysis methods are based on the immobilization of nucleic acid. RNA and fragments are separated by size onto a membrane to allow use of macromolecular probes for identification, detection and visualization. This technique can be used to characterize the expression of RNA from tissue samples or cell cultures.

Different blots are used to identify the presence of one specific target molecule DNA, RNA or protein in a complex mixture of related molecules. Blotting refers to the transfer of macromolecules nucleic acids, proteins from a gel onto the solid surface of an immobilized membrane for the detection of the transferred molecules. All blotting techniques share a similar workflow. Initially, an electrophoretic procedure is used to separate molecules or protein and nucleic acid fragments by size on a gel based on the movement of macromolecules in an electric field. Then, these separated molecules are transferred to a solid membrane nitrocellulose, nylon, polyvinylidene difluoride PVDF , etc. It is an analytical technique in molecular biology research that end-users use to measure the size and amount of specific DNA sequences in a complex mixture through immobilization of the target sequence to a solid-support followed by hybridization of a complementary DNA probe. Shortly after southern blotting was developed, the premise of this analytical technique was applied to the measurement of the size and amount of RNA transcripts from a gene of interest which is known as Northern Blotting.

Electrophoresis is the basis of all blotting methods, and BPI Lab covered it last month 1. Electroblotting is a method for transferring electrophoretically separated proteins or nucleic acids onto a polyvinylidene fluoride PVDF or nitrocellulose membrane for permanence using electric current and a transfer buffer solution. This allows for analysts to further study them using probes, ligands, or stains. Capillary blotting is a variation designed to work with capillary electrophoresis. After electrophoresis the following are stacked in cathode-to-anode order: a sponge, filter paper soaked in transfer buffer, the gel, a membrane, more soaked filter paper, and another sponge. When current is applied, it drives proteins or nucleic acids from the gel onto the membrane, where they are typically stained using a dye such as Coomassie Brilliant Blue to confirm that a sufficient quantity of material has been transferred. Immunoblotting involves the addition of specific antibodies with which proteins will interact.

Western, Northern, and Southern Blotting

Click here to return to the Molecular Biology Guide. The transfer of macromolecules such as nucleic acids and proteins to solid-phase membranous support is known as blotting. Fragments of DNA and RNA molecules separated by gel electrophoresis are transferred to a nylon or nitrocellulose membrane in a process termed as Southern and Northern blotting, respectively. The other blotting techniques emerged from this method have been termed as Northern for RNA , Western for proteins , Eastern for post-translational protein modifications and Southwestern for DNA-protein interactions blotting. If the DNA sample is clonally derived a digestion time of h is sufficient.

Different blotting techniques are used to identify unique proteins and nucleic acid sequences. Southern, northern, and western blot protocols are similar, and begin with electrophoretic separation of protein and nucleic acid fragments on a gel, which are then transferred to a membrane nitrocellulose membrane, polyvinylidene difluoride PVDF membrane, etc. This enables radiolabeled or enzymatically labeled antibody or DNA probes to bind the immobilized target, and the molecules of interest may then be visualized with various methods. Figure 1, Table 1. Southern blots are used to determine the identity, size, and abundance of specific DNA sequences. The southern blot protocol begins with DNA extraction from the cells or tissues, which is then enzymatically digested to produce DNA fragments. The fragments are separated by size on an agarose or polyacrylamide gel via electrophoresis.

Southern, northern, and western blot protocols are similar, and begin with electrophoretic separation of protein and nucleic acid fragments on a gel, which are then.

8.7: DNA Analysis- Blotting and Hybridization

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What are the differences between Northern, Southern and Western Blotting?

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Plant Molecular Biology Manual pp Cite as.


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techniques was built around Dr. Southern's name, resulting in the terms northern blot (for detection of RNA), western blot (for detection of protein), eastern blot.


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Following gel electrophoresis , probes are often used to detect specific molecules from the mixture.


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Bands of DNA in an electrophoretic gel form only if most of the DNA molecules are of the same size, such as following a PCR reaction, or restriction digestion of a plasmid.


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