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The two main points were that 1 all art should reflect the life of the working class and consider them as an audience, and 2 that art should serve politics, and specifically the advancement of socialism. The excesses of the latter point during the Cultural Revolution led to current Party policy rejecting that point, but retaining Mao's encouragement of peasant-focused art and literature. During the Long March , the Communist Party and People's Liberation Army used song, drama, and dance to appeal to the civilian population, but did not have a unified cultural policy.

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About ”Talks at the Yenan Forum on Literature and Art”

We made only some formatting changes to make them congruent with our style sheets. The Kuomintang reactionaries pushed their policy of passivity in the war of resistance but active opposition against the Chinese Communist Party. On the one hand, they sent several hundred thousand troops to encircle and blockade the Liberated Areas, in a vain attempt to annihilate the army and people there, and on the other hand secretly had large numbers of troops surrended to the Japanese invaders who then directed these troops to attack revolutionary bases behind the enemy lines. The struggle between the two lines had always existed on the literary and art front. Later Chou Yang and his gang went to Yenan under false colours and continued to propagate their reactionary bourgeois and revisionist thoughts on literature and art, and, in collusion with Trotskyites and reactionary literati, wrote counter-revolutionary articles under a revolutionary banner. They co-ordinated all this with the attack and encirclement of the Liberated Areas by the Japanese invaders and Kuomintang reactionaries. For several years before the publication of the Talks , large numbers of progressive writers and artists had gone to Yenan and the various anti-Japanese bases behind the enemy lines.

Talks at the Yenan Forum on Literature and Art.

Art is a medium of expression where the individual and culture come together. What happens to the individual artist when culture becomes a tool of the government? How does politics impact art as an expression of the times? Can art and culture survive and overcome government repression? Following the rise of the communists to power in , all artists in China were compelled to adhere to the party line on art.

Yan'an Forum

You have been invited to this forum today to exchange ideas and examine the relationship between work in the literary and artistic fields and revolutionary work in general. Our aim is to ensure that revolutionary literature and art follow the correct path of development and provide better help to other revolutionary work in facilitating the overthrow of our national enemy and the accomplishment of the task of national liberation.

About ”Talks at the Yenan Forum on Literature and Art”

Friday staff will provide a variety of activities, music and This class is designed for your entire family. I just don t want a job, but wish for a career to continue in future. Synchronic cultures have an entirely different perspective.

To defeat the enemy we must rely primarily on the army with guns. But this army alone is not enough; we must also have a cultural army, which is absolutely indispensable for uniting our own ranks and defeating the enemy. In other words, reactionaries have money, and though they can produce nothing good, they can go all out and produce in quantity. Literature and art have been an important and successful part of the cultural front since the May 4th Movement. That movement and the revolutionary war both headed in the same general direction, but these two fraternal armies were not linked together in their practical work because the reactionaries had cut them off from each other.

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Talks at the Yenan Forum on Literature and Art.


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You have been invited to this forum today to exchange ideas and examine the relationship between work in the literary and artistic fields and revolutionary work in.


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Talks at the Yenan Forum on Literature and Art. GO Type: Text; Format: application/pdf; Set: e-Asia Digital Library; Is Part Of: Selected Works of Mao Tse-​tung.


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rrTa-lks at the Yanran Conference on Literature and Art,rr by Mao Zedong Fokkemars attitude. T. A. Hsia, 'rTwenty Years After the Yenan Forum,t, China.


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The Yan'an Forum on Literature and Art was a May forum held at the city of Yan'an in Communist-controlled China and significant event in the Yan'an.


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