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Curriculum Policy and Practice of Civic Education in Zambia: A Reflective Perspective

In recent years Civic Education has evolved into an important school curriculum subject in Zambia. Similar to other parts of the world, Zambia has experienced changes mostly driven by educational policy innovations. The educational policy innovations have, in turn, been driven by the desire to democratize the teaching and learning environment in schools. As a result of this development, the call for more critical, active, and participatory approaches to the teaching of Civic Education has become imperative. In this chapter, the historical development of Civic Education in Zambia, including the curriculum policy provisions for Civic Education and current practical aspects of the subject, is discussed. Using the terms Civic Education and Citizenship Education interchangeably, the chapter articulates what it perceives to be the best practices and values derived from Civic Education.

Civic Education

What is the meaning of civic education? It is a public, socially-oriented system of continuous education and upbringing aimed at building civic competence, democratic culture, and satisfying the needs for socialization in the interests of the individual, civil society and the rule of law. Let us find out its importance in modern Nigerian society. Apart from the definition above, civic education can also be defined as the provision of information and learning experiences to equip and empower citizens to participate in democratic processes. What is non formal education?

Civic education maybe defined also social science subjects which studies the way in which the rights duties privileges and obligations of people are protected in any Society. Civic education has its roots from the term Citizenship Education. The subject teaches and enlightens the people or citizens about the right values right attitude and right behaviour that are generally acceptable to the society reside. Above all the citizens are kept abreast of the activities and responsibilities of the government to them. However, there are certain norms and values in the society that must be kept by the members of a society. Interestingly, these norms and values transit from one generation to another mostly in the area of their tradition religion and of course every other thing that are in consonance with their culture. Civic education also focus and the behaviour of every man in society.

The Importance of Civic Education

Each of us should strive to be a citizen that is actively involved in our governance. Civic education is not limited to participation in politics and society, it also encompasses participation in classrooms, neighborhoods, groups and organizations. In civics, students learn to contribute to public processes and discussions of real issues. Students can also learn civic practices such as voting, volunteering, jury service, and joining with others to improve society.

Education Details: More generally, civic education can contribute important benefits in promoting good governance and civic engagement. Many evaluation studies such as for e. Indeed, civic education can civic education and governance pdf. Education Details: young, to carry out their roles as citizens.

Civic education was an important part of schooling in the United States during the early years of the republic. And so it is today. However, some advocates of civic education are concerned that its place in the curricula of schools may not be as solid and secure as it once was or should be.

Civic education need not be intentional or deliberate; institutions and communities transmit values and norms without meaning to. It may not be beneficial: sometimes people are civically educated in ways that disempower them or impart harmful values and goals.

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