science breakthroughs to advance food and agricultural research by 2030 pdf

Science Breakthroughs To Advance Food And Agricultural Research By 2030 Pdf

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Published: 27.05.2021

This effort has been a long-term priority of Deputy Under Secretary Hutchins and outlines target objectives for a future innovation strategy at the U. The Agenda identifies several clear benchmark objectives for American agriculture:. This initial document serves as an outline of activities that USDA will undertake in the coming year.

Agency Update: USDA Releases Agriculture Innovation Agenda

Download to read the full article text. Translating high-throughput phenotyping into genetic gain. Trends Plant Sci , 23 5 — Chen Q, Wu FB, Breeding for low cadmium accumulation cereals. Google Scholar. Clemens S, Ma JF,

Science Breakthroughs

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The novel coronavirus is taking a huge toll across the world, and governments in Latin America and the Caribbean are right to take aggressive measures to save lives. Within a matter of weeks, the macroeconomic outlook for the region has changed dramatically. Financing costs have risen, commodities fallen, and large losses of GDP now seem […]. Link to download. This framework is based on the lessons learned during a research project conducted in Honduras and Colombia from to Seven phases […]. The Agroecosystems and Sustainable Landscapes ASL Research Area provides the science needed to sustainably intensify agriculture while simultaneously restoring degraded lands.

Science Breakthroughs 2030: A Strategy for Food and Agricultural Research

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Science Breakthroughs 2030: A Strategy for Food and Agricultural Research

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This report identifies innovative, emerging scientific advances for making the U. This report explores the availability of relatively new scientific developments across all disciplines that could accelerate progress toward these goals. It identifies the most promising scientific breakthroughs that could have the greatest positive impact on food and agriculture, and that are possible to achieve by In order for Science Breakthroughs to be successful, your participation is essential.

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