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It contains eighty-five pages of aphorisms, poems, and parables that demonstrate Gibran's characteristic ability to masterfully encapsulate profound concepts in just two or three lines.

But the sea and the shore will remain Forever. Then I opened it and lo, the mist was a worm. And I closed and opened my hand again, and behold there was a bird.

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But the sea and the shore will remain Forever. Once I filled my hand with mist. Then I opened it and lo, the mist was a worm. And I closed and opened my hand again, and behold there was a bird. And again I closed and opened my hand, and in its hollow stood a man with a sad face, turned upward. And again I closed my hand, and when I opened it there was naught but mist. But I heard a song of exceeding sweetness.

It was but yesterday I thought myself a fragment quivering without rhythm in the sphere of life. Now I know that I am the sphere, and all life in rhythmic fragments moves within me.

We were fluttering, wandering, longing creatures a thousand thousand years before the sea and the wind in the forest gave us words. Now how can we express the ancient of days in us with only the sounds of our yesterdays? Long did I lie in the dust of Egypt, silent and unaware of the seasons. Then the sun gave me birth, and I rose and walked upon the banks of the Nile, Singing with the days and dreaming with the nights.

And now the sun threads upon me with a thousand feet that I may lie again in the dust of Egypt. But behold a marvel and a riddle! The very sun that gathered me cannot scatter me.

Still erect am I, and sure of foot do I walk upon the banks of the Nile. We measure time according to the movement of countless suns; and they measure time by little machines in their little pockets. Now tell me, how could we ever meet at the same place and the same time? Space is not space between the earth and the sun to one who looks down from the windows of the Milky Way. And we walked many days and many nights, yet we did not reach the Holy City.

And what was to my surprise he became angry with me because he had misled me. If I stay here, there is a going in my staying; and if I go there is a staying in my going. Only love and death will change all things.

How can I lose faith in the justice of life, when the dreams of those who sleep upon feathers are not more beautiful than the dreams of those who sleep upon the earth? Seven times have I despised my soul: The first time when I saw her being meek that she might attain height. The second time when I saw her limping before the crippled. The third time when she was given to choose between the hard and the easy, and she chose the easy. The fourth time when she committed a wrong, and comforted herself that others also commit wrong.

The fifth time when she forbore for weakness, and attributed her patience to strength. The sixth time when she despised the ugliness of a face, and knew not that it was one of her own masks. And the seventh time when she sang a song of praise, and deemed it a virtue. But I am humble before my ignorance and therein lies my honor and my reward. Paradise is there, behind that door, in the next room; but I have lost the key. Perhaps I have only mislaid it. Some of us are like ink and some like paper.

And if it were not for the blackness of some of us, some of us would be dumb; And if it were not for the whiteness of some of us, some of us would be blind. Our mind is a sponge; our heart is a stream. Is it not strange that most of us choose sucking rather than running? When you long for blessings that you may not name, and when you grieve knowing not the cause, then indeed you are growing with all things that grow, and rising toward your greater self.

You drink wine that you may be intoxicated; and I drink that it may sober me from that other wine. When my cup is empty I resign myself to its emptiness; but when it is half full I resent its half-fulness. The reality of the other person is not in what he reveals to you, but in what he cannot reveal to you. Therefore, if you would understand him, listen not to what he says but rather to what he does not say.

When Life does not find a singer to sing her heart she produces a philosopher to speak her mind. The voice of life in me cannot reach the ear of life in you; but let us talk that we may not feel lonely. Frogs may bellow louder than bulls, but they cannot drag the plough in the field not turn the wheel of the winepress, and of their skins you cannot make shoes. Should you really open your eyes and see, you would behold your image in all images.

And should you open your ears and listen, you would hear your own voice in all voices. Now let us play hide and seek. Should you hide in my heart it would not be difficult to find you. But should you hide behind your own shell, then it would be useless for anyone to seek you.

He who would understand a woman, or dissect genius, or solve the mystery of silence is the very man who would wake from a beautiful dream to sit at a breakfast table. I would walk with all those who walk. I would not stand still to watch the procession passing by. Let us not be particular and sectional. Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky. We fell them down and turn them into paper that we may record our emptiness.

Should you care to write and only the saints know why you should you must needs have knowledge and art and music — the knowledge of the music of words, the art of being artless, and the magic of loving your readers. If I were to choose between the power of writing a poem and the ecstasy of a poem unwritten, I would choose the ecstasy.

It is better poetry. But you and all my neighbors agree that I always choose badly. Poetry is not an opinion expressed. It is a song that rises from a bleeding wound or a smiling mouth. Words are timeless. You should utter them or write them with a knowledge of their timelessness. And if indeed you would know my worth it is that I have more in my heart than upon my tongue, and more in my desire than in my hand.

Poetry is wisdom that enchants the heart. Wisdom is poetry that sings in the mind. How can you sing if your mouth be filled with food? How shall your hand be raised in blessing if it is filled with gold?

They say the nightingale pierces his bosom with a thorn when he sings his love song. So do we all. How else should we sing? A madman is not less a musician than you or myself; only the instrument on which he plays is a little out of tune. I have never agreed with my other self wholly.

The truth of the matter seems to lie between us. There is no struggle of soul and body save in the minds of those whose souls are asleep and whose bodies are out of tune. When you reach the heart of life you shall find beauty in all things, even in the eyes that are blind to beauty.

Sow a seed and the earth will yield you a flower. Dream your dream to the sky and it will bring you your beloved. The devil died the very day you were born. Now you do not have to go through hell to meet an angel.

Every man loves two women; the one is the creation of his imagination, and the other is not yet born. Now tell me, how can you separate yourself from the other person? Your mind and my heart will never agree until your mind ceases to live in numbers and my heart in the mist. Only great sorrow or great joy can reveal your truth. If you would be revealed you must either dance naked in the sun, or carry your cross. Should nature heed what we say of contentment no river would seek the sea, and no winter would turn to Spring.

Should she heed all we say of thrift, how many of us would be breathing this air? You are free before the sun of the day, and free before the stars of the night; And you are free when there is no sun and no moon and no star.

You are even free when you close your eyes upon all there is. But you are a slave to him whom you love because you love him, And a slave to him who loves you because he loves you.

We are all beggars at the gate of the temple, and each one of us receives his share of the bounty of the King when he enters the temple, and when he goes out. But we are all jealous of one another, which is another way of belittling the King. You cannot consume beyond your appetite. The other half of the loaf belongs to the other person, and there should remain a little bread for the chance guest.

Generosity is not in giving me that which I need more than you do, but it is in giving me that which you need more than I do. You are indeed charitable when you give, and while giving, turn your face away so that you may not see the shyness of the receiver.

Sand and Foam

Embed Size px x x x x About us advertise. By Kahlil Gibran , and are on loan from the Gibran. Quotes above are from Kahlil Gribrans Sand and foam, Sourced from a DJVU file of the book available on archive.

Kahlil Gibran Sand and Foam - A Book of Aphorisms - عبر الانترنت تحميل

But the sea and the shore will remain Forever. Once I filled my hand with mist. Then I opened it and lo, the mist was a worm. And I closed and opened my hand again, and behold there was a bird. And again I closed and opened my hand, and in its hollow stood a man with a sad face, turned upward.

Post a Comment. Thursday, September 7, Kahlil Gibran. Donovan The sun was going down behind a tattooed tree And the simple act of an oar s stroke put diamonds in the sea And all because of the phosphorus there in quantity As I dug you diggin me in Mexico Free Ebooks Sharing By Khalil Gibran This book, which is the last one that Khalil Gibran wrote shortly before he died in , is truly one of his finest.

Sand and Foam by Kahlil Gibran. Register for a free account. Download Kindle KB. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible encuentroimagina. Sand And Foam by Kahlil Gibran.

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Sand and Foam

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A book of aphorisms, poems, and parables by the author of "The Prophet" - a philosopher at his window commenting on the scene passing below.


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They say to me in their awakening, “You and the world you live in are but a grain of sand upon the infinite shore of an infinite sea.” And in my dream I say to them, “​I.



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