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Costume Design And Development Document Pdf

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It develops practical, technical and transferable skills and gives the opportunity to build skills and portfolios for progression to next level courses. This NPA could be delivered by schools, colleges, or training providers with the necessary technical equipment and expertise. See the group award specification KB for the full list of mandatory units. Assessment will be a combination of practical and knowledge assessments under open-book assessment conditions.

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The studies are continuously enriched and updated by new design practices, new technologies and cutting-edge research in the field. However, in the major of Costume Design, a large part of the courses are taught in English. The degree can be completed in English. More information on Scholarships and Tuition Fees page aalto. Students are supported to plan their own future path from the beginning of the Master studies with personal study plans PSP and individual guidance, which continues during the courses and seminars. The interests and strengths of each student are encouraged and complemented with minor and optional studies. Each student is offered a possibility to focus on a specific area within the performing arts or the film and television professional field or any other performance context involving costume.

Fashion Designing

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History of fashion design

Costume designers create the look of each character by designing clothes and accessories the actors will wear in performance. Depending on their style and complexity, costumes may be made, bought, revamped out of existing stock or rented. The shapes, colors and textures that a designer chooses make an immediate and powerful visual statement to the audience. Creative collaboration among the costume designer, the director and the set and lighting designers ensures that the costumes are smoothly integrated into the production as a whole.

Costume Designer Resume Samples

Designing Sustainable Fashion: Possibilities and Challenges

Summary : Seeking a position with a company that is growing and interested in someone with the tenacity and willingness to be part of a team. Objective : Seeking to obtain a position utilizing creativity and interpersonal skills. To Design, pattern and sew all costumes and accessories for the events and shows. Objective : Meticulous, highly motivated apparel production professional with extensive experience in garment production, pattern-making, and inventory tracking.

History of fashion design refers specifically to the development of the purpose and intention behind garments, shoes and accessories, and their design and construction. The modern industry, based around firms or fashion houses run by individual designers, started in the 19th century with Charles Frederick Worth who, beginning in , was the first designer to have his label sewn into the garments he created. Fashion started when humans began wearing clothes. These clothes were typically made from plants, animal skins and bone. Before the midth century the division between haute couture and ready-to-wear did not really exist.

In this study, we present a theoretical model, which draws together the elements of sustainability and fashion design. The data have been gathered from various sources, mainly academic literature, and a qualitative analysis has been carried out by following the principles of the grounded theory method: the data is analyzed by identifying and categorizing relevant concepts by using a constant comparative method, i. The aim of the model is to serve fashion designers, who wish to take sustainability into consideration. The analysis and the model answer the question of which principles and practices should be considered in sustainable fashion design. However, under further development, an integrated model helps to simultaneously see a number of facts and viewpoints that affect fashion production. The core category of the model is "considered take and return". It is based on design philosophies that are linked to other categories: material sourcing; fabric treatment; production methods; saving resources; societal implications; information transparency; and attachment and appreciation.

PDF | An empirical study of the psychology of creativity carried out over a A technical method for facilitating homospatial thinking in costume design is The Evolution and Development Strategy of Costume Performance Art.

NPA Costume: An Introduction to Cutting, Sewing and Surface Decoration SCQF level 5

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One of the most creative course options, Fashion Design is considered to be a very prosperous vocational education stream not only in India but abroad as well. This is primarily because the Fashion industry has grown by leaps and bounds and that too within a decade. Thus, going by these numbers it is apparent that selecting a course in Fashion Designing is bound to open up a plethora of opportunities for aspirants. However, it is worth knowing some important aspects of this course. Although Fashion Design and Textile Design are closely related to each other but there is a difference between the two. Aspirants can pursue Fashion Design as a course at the undergraduate or even at the postgraduate level.

Costume Designer

When we think of language and culture, we often think of our ethnical background, along with the influences from our society, history, media and the people around us. Culture impacts how we think and language helps us communicate; both play a major part in us understanding one another. The language that I am speaking of is not English, French, or Vietnamese but rather it pertains to the choice of words I use to communicate my design. For culture, as a costume designer, we are always balancing between pop culture and historical culture.

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