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Thank you for interesting in our services. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. We need your help to maintenance this website. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Share Embed Donate. Pomeroy, Washington Copyright by L. Jensen Copyright , and by L. Box 0,Pomeroy, Wn. The Problem of Economic Causation. The Vibration Spectrum. The Sun-Spot Cycle 4. The Planetary Cycles. The Uranus Cycle. Some Conclusions.

Mundane Rulerships. Progressions and Transits 3. Interpretation of the Planets in Houses and Signs. Casting Mundane Charts. Base Charts. The United States Birth Chart. Formation of a Market Forecast. Objective and Trend. The Daily Chart. Supplementary Helps. Section IV 1. First Steps Putting I t Together. Timing Elements. Charting the Price Range Data 4.

Estimating Prospects for a Locality. Radix Great Mutation. Rotational Conjunction Bank of England. Chicago Board of Trade. United States Steel Corporation. PREFACE 29 30 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 The bulk of the material in this edition was published in three brochures copyright and A condensation of the third brochure on charting market statistics was issued as one of many market studies while I was an analyst for a New York Stock Exchange firm.

This edition comprises all of the original three works with some additional material in order to bridge the three into a continuity plus a number of working examples of methods which apply the principles involved. Section I offers some introduction to working applications of what I term astro-cycles. The sources are the long established astronomical orbits of the principal planets in that small niche of the Universe which comprises the Solar System of the Earth.

For example, applied to cycle cadence is Jupiter and Saturn with their apparent conjunction approximately every 20 years. Many of these planetary cycle applications were original when published in , but since then have been lifted out of context and embraced by publications issued in Calcutta, Hong Kong, London, New York and Los Angeles. The plagiarism is of little importance but the widespread practice has brought to attention the unquestioned validity of the data. The purpose of the material in Section I1 was a notebook reference manual to present the salient procedures and elements of astro-cycle applications to mundane affairs.

Public psychology, business cycles, the price swings of speculative commodity and stock markets, wars, famines, major weather trends, etc, have innumerable keys to answers by this concept. Very little of the material has been co-ordinated before in print so that a student might quickly grasp the more significant factors. Separately most of the factors have been generally known but not the why and how of mixing them. Part of this condition has been intentional: why throw to the winds hard won data?

There is another side though. Modern society has boxed itself in, painted itself into a dangerous corner. Outwardly it is in great shape in its apparent affluence, mechanical achievements and productive know-how.

Actually it is a shell of wasted resources, mountainous debt, galloping inflation, and eroding moral concepts. An Age is a t an end which is out of date, primitive and selfrighteous with the chest-pounding adage that man is captain of his fate. He may perish unless he gets down to the reality of Natural Law. Section I1 contains no pretense of giving all the answers to modem problems.

However, it does offer a means to. That such an approach infuriates those who proudly hold that nature has no design, no purpose and no form of continuity ceased to concern me more than fifty years ago. Often it is ponderously stated that none of these vibrations are strong enough to affect a human being. In almost the same breath they talk about the possible uses of solar energy. NO matter if proven, or hallowed, or generally accepted as a fact of life it is always easy to find some clown who vehemently disagrees.

Perhaps the answer is not the defense of the how and the why, but does ikwork, does it give results? In my youth it was generally accepted that the claim electrical signals could be transmitted without wires was a complete hoax, equal only t o the idea that man could fly in anything but a balloon. On these two points alone college professors rated as scientific authorities, plus office holders who felt they protected the people, were around giving lectures warning against such idiotic claims.

Here are methods and their working factors of close to a half a century of producing results. It is an esoteric subject; it is not for the average investor who really gets his kicks putting money into an array of stocks and then every day sweating the price movements. Over the years he usually ends up with one winner and ten losers. This material is for the serious winner who has the attitude of a navigator and impersonally obeys his computations. He is not in markets for kicks but for profits.

Section I11 uses some of the basic factors of Section I1 and applies them to a system which is a coupling of time and price. It is a simple charting of market prices. I t is so simple any change or revision in the basic premises involved destroys its effectiveness. I t will not work properly with logarythmic scales, and the dependence on time brooks no shortcuts or distortion in the arithmetic scale. All economic affairs are viewed from much the same perspective as religious or political opinions; as something entirely dependent on the particular prejudice which happens to fit the environmental or geographical viewpoint.

So it seems strange to suggest that there may be immutable laws that motivate the psychology of masses of people, and that imponderable forces operate in economic affairs without respect for the hopes and ambitions of men. At first glance it might a pp ear-that such a postulate should be the source of considerable popular derision, but perhaps only because the field of observation has been studiously ignored in modern times.

At any rate, there appear to be several definite forces underlying the ebb and flow of the economic indices. I t is the purpose, in this brochure and the companion volumes of the series, to examine considerable evidence bearing on economic causation. The observations contained in this brochure will deal entirely with the longer or major trends in American economic history.

In the search for causes the prime interest will be, not to align the historical events with the coincident statistical business record and dovetail technical results with psychological effects; but to go deeper and attempt to trace those natural causes which appear to motivate the changes in mass psychology and result in given effects. After locating the source or cause we shall then examine the manner in which natural psychological cycles coincide with the cycles of statistical business activity.

I n confining popular economic observations to a few of the generalities like supply and demand, costs, available markets and distribution, labor, et cetera, the subject of economics is principally concerned with statistical results and psychological effects. Underlying causes of such phenomena as the business cycle have only been studied in a superficial manner. This will probably continue to be the situation until the search for causes is taken out of the field of statistics and placed in the field of psychology.

At present, causes of economic fluctuation are either considered so remote and intangible that they cannot be defined, or else they are discarded as impractical. Economic effects, or rather statistical results, are paramount.

We see economic effects all about us; we deal daily in effects, read of them in the news, see them in moving pictures, and hear them from others. Yet in confining all of our economic thinking to effects we are much like the remaining few who believe that the entire place of medicine is to be strictly curative and disregard efforts of anything preventive.

Obviously, some approach toward analyzing economic causes is in order, if an economy is to be planned or any estimates are t o be taken of the future. It might be explained from the viewpoint of the doctrine of free-will, which teaches that man is supreme, the source of both his success and his failure, and therefore the complete master of his fate.

We might even offer the excuse that mankind is still in that stage of a blundering evolution where economic causes cannot be co-ordinated. But to present such explanations tie up with effects, again ignoring causes. Basic causes of economic effects are as intangible as life itself. They cannot be weighed by political votes, or religious followers.

They cannot be found in laboratory test tubes, the statistical reviews of business activity, security prices, or in the opinions of celebrities. When we search for causes in these sources, we are simply dealing with another phase of economic e f i d s. We cannot feel, see or taste the radio-frequency power that blankets the earth's atmosphere. Yet its presence can be proven with a radio receiver. I t is impossible to sense the force that shifts the ocean, effecting the tides. We have never been able to measure a mother's love for her child, and the attraction and repulsion that occurs between people.

The effects are usually obvious to the senses, but never the causes.

Astro-Cycles and Speculative Markets

One of our most impressive trading course based upon the deepest principles of Gann Analysis and esoteric financial forecasting, this exceptional course combines Celestial Mechanics, Ancient Geometry and Pythagorean Harmonics into powerful applied trading principles and techniques. Those with a serious interest in heavyweight astrology and market science will gain important insights from this work available from no other source. This course demonstrates the astrological principles which underpin the movement of financial markets. It offers a contemporary presentation and the author's refinement of the superior astrological techniques derived by the Masters of Antiquity. A core component of this advanced system is the science of the Chronocrators Time Lords , without which forecasting becomes ineffective. The complete list of pre-requisite astrology titles suggested by Dr.

Post on Nov views17 download. ASTRO. -. CYCLES. AND. SPECULATIVE. MARKETS. by. L. J. Jensen. LAMBERT. -. GANN. PUBLISHING.

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Astro-cycles and speculative markets

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Astro Cycles and Speculative Markets Hardcover – Import, 1 June by L. J. Jensen (Author).


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