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See also: bps , Leased Line. See also: ASP , Server. See also: Application Server , Server.

If you travel to a country where Spanish is spoken, chances are that sooner or later you'll find yourself using a computer.

If you're a beginner, here's a look at some basic internet and web terms to help you gain a clearer understanding. It's easy to download other browsers from the internet. A browser is a free software package or mobile app that displays web pages, graphics, and most online content.


See also: bps , Leased Line. See also: ASP , Server. See also: Application Server , Server. Backbone A high-speed line or series of connections that forms a major pathway within a network. The term is relative as a backbone in a small network will likely be much smaller than many non-backbone lines in a large network. See also: Network. See also: Bit , Modem. See also: Bandwidth , Bit. There are reported problems with short-circuits and rust and decaffeinated beverages were not supported until version 1.

See also: 1xRTT , Protocol. See also: Server , WWW. See also: Browser , Client , Server. Depending on the type of Cookie used, and the Browsers' settings, the Browser may accept or not accept the Cookie, and may save the Cookie for either a short time or a long time.

Cookies might contain information such as login or registration information, online "shopping cart" information, user preferences, etc. When a Server receives a request from a Browser that includes a Cookie, the Server is able to use the information stored in the Cookie. For example, the Server might customize what is sent back to the user, or keep a log of particular users' requests. Cookies are usually set to expire after a predetermined amount of time and are usually saved in memory until the Browser software is closed down, at which time they may be saved to disk if their "expire time" has not been reached.

Cookies do not read your hard drive and send your life story to the CIA, but they can be used to gather more information about a user than would be possible without them. See also: Browser , Server. Usually, all of the machines on a given Network will have the same thing as the right-hand portion of their Domain Names matisse. It is also possible for a Domain Name to exist but not be connected to an actual machine. This is often done so that a group or business can have an Internet e-mail address without having to establish a real Internet site.

In these cases, some real Internet machine must handle the mail on behalf of the listed Domain Name. A common configuration of DSL allows downloads at speeds of up to 1. In theory ADSL allows download speeds of up to 9 megabits per second and upload speeds of up to kilobits per second.

Email -- Electronic Mail Messages, usually text, sent from one person to another via computer. E-mail can also be sent automatically to a large number of addresses. There is more than one type of Ethernet. By the standard type was "BaseT" which can handle up to about ,, bits-per-second and can be used with almost any kind of computer.

FAQs are usually written by people who have tired of answering the same question over and over. See also: Ethernet , T There are many Internet sites that have established publicly accessible repositories of material that can be obtained using FTP, by logging in using the account name "anonymous", thus these sites are called "anonymous ftp servers".

FTP was invented and in wide use long before the advent of the World Wide Web and originally was always used from a text-only interface.

See also: Login , WWW. Gateway The technical meaning is a hardware or software set-up that translates between two dissimilar protocols, for example America Online has a gateway that translates between its internal, proprietary e-mail format and Internet e-mail format.

Another, sloppier meaning of gateway is to describe any mechanism for providing access to another system, e. AOL might be called a gateway to the Internet. Gopher was designed to be much easier to use than FTP , while still using a text-only interface. Gopher is a Client and Server style program, which requires that the user have a Gopher Client program. Although Gopher spread rapidly across the globe in only a couple of years, it has been largely supplanted by Hypertext, also known as WWW World Wide Web.

There are still thousands of Gopher Servers on the Internet and we can expect they will remain for a while. See also: Browser , WWW. Using IMAP an email client program can not only retrieve email but can also manipulate message stored on the server, without having to actually retrieve the messages.

So messages can be deleted, have their status changed, multiple mail boxes can be managed, etc. See also: Internet Upper case I , Network. The Internet connects tens of thousands of independent networks into a vast global internet and is probably the largest Wide Area Network in the world.

See also: DSL. Java Java is a network-friendly programming language invented by Sun Microsystems. Java is often used to build large, complex systems that involve several different computers interacting across networks, for example transaction processing systems. Java is also used to create software with graphical user interfaces such as editors, audio players, web browsers, etc. Java is also popular for creating programs that run in small electronic devices, such as mobile telephones.

Using small Java programs called " Applets " , Web pages can include functions such as animations,calculators, and other fancy tricks. See also: Applet , JDK. See also: Applet , Java. Kilobyte A thousand bytes. Actually, usually 2 10 bytes. See also: Byte. LAN -- Local Area Network A computer network limited to the immediate area, usually the same building or floor of a building.

See also: Open Source Software , Unix. Noun: The account name used to gain access to a computer system. Not a secret contrast with Password.

Verb: the act of connecting to a computer system by giving your credentials usually your "username" and "password". Maillist or Mailing List A usually automated system that allows people to send e-mail to one address, whereupon their message is copied and sent to all of the other subscribers to the maillist. In this way, people who have many different kinds of e-mail access can participate in discussions together.

See also: Byte , Kilobyte. Typical uses of Meta tags are to include information for search engines to help them better categorize a page. You can see the Meta tags in a page if you view the pages' source code. See also: Bandwidth , bps. See also: MUD. The first version was released in late Netiquette The etiquette on the Internet.

See also: internet Lower case i. See also: Domain Name , Network. Open Content Copyrighted information such as this Glossary that is made available by the copyright owner to the general public under license terms that allow reuse of the material, often with the requirement as with this Glossary that the re-user grant the public the same rights to the modified version that the re-user received from the copyright owner. Information that is in the Public Domain might also be considered a form of Open Content.

See also: Open Source Software. See also: Open Content. Packet Switching The method used to move data around on the Internet. In packet switching, all the data coming out of a machine is broken up into chunks, each chunk has the address of where it came from and where it is going.

This enables chunks of data from many different sources to co-mingle on the same lines, and be sorted and directed along different routes by special machines along the way. This way many people can use the same lines at the same time. You might think of several caravans of trucks all using the same road system to carry materials. See also: Internet Upper case I , Router. See also: Blog , URI.

See also: RSS. A Point of Presence usually means a city or location where a network can be connected to, often with dial up phone lines. A second meaning, Post Office Protocol refers to a way that e-mail client software such as Eudora gets mail from a mail server.

On the Internet port often refers to a number that is part of a URL, appearing after a colon : right after the domain name. Every service on an Internet server listens on a particular port number on that server. Most services have standard port numbers, e. Web servers normally listen on port Finally, port also refers to translating a piece of software to bring it from one type of computer system to another, e.

RDF -- Resource Definition Framework A set of rules a sort of language for creating descriptions of information, especially information available on the World Wide Web. RDF could be used to describe a collection of books, or artists, or a collection of web pages as in the RSS data format which uses RDF to create machine-readable summaries of web sites. RDF is also used in XPFE applications to define the relationships between different collections of elements, for example RDF could be used to define the relationship between the data in a database and the way that data is displayed to a user.

See also: Network , Packet Switching. Some search engines work by automatically searching the contents of other systems and creating a database of the results. Other search engines contains only material manually approved for inclusion in a database, and some combine the two approaches. See also: Meta Tag , Search Engine.

Top 20 Internet Terms for Beginners

Drive your business forward with Dataprise as your strategic partner. Discover best practices for remote employees and business leaders. Using ActiveX tools, interactive web content can be created. Example: In addition to viewing Word and Excel documents from within a browser, additional functionality such as animation, credit card transactions, or spreadsheet calculations. Examples: an e-mail address sales dataprise. Also referred to as a "nickname". Typically, you enter anonymous as a username and your e-mail address as a password.

Department of Defense with just four computers connected together. Also called web or www, it is a collection of information, resources, pictures, sounds, multimedia on the internet that are linked and connected together. Using a software product such as Netscape makes accessing and linking to web pages containing information, easy. To store and make web pages available and ready for inquiries, or a computer that has a consistant connection to the Internet. A domain name is a description or representation of a computer's location on the Internet. It is usually separated by a dot.

Internet Glossary. Address: the location of an Internet resource. PDF (portable document format): a file that retains the original formatting of a document.

Computer Terms / Terminologies Definitions Dictionary PDF Download.

While every computer has its own unique address, every user using the Internet has a unique address called a domain. A domain recognizes one or more IP addresses. An example of a domain is weather.

Glossary of Internet Terms

Don't let common internet terms befuddle you

Connecting to the internet now, lets look at how one goes about connecting to the internet. The range of possibilities is limited by the ability of the computer retrieving the outside file to view, play, or otherwise open the incoming file. It is a network of networks that consists of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope, linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking. With more than pages, this dictionary is one of the most comprehensive resources available. Uniform resource locatorsurlsare the web browser addresses of internet pages and files.

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Glossary of Internet Terms 'Blog' comes from the term 'Web Log'. PDF. Portable Document Format (developed by Adobe Systems). A common standard for.



Overview. This dictionary contains over 32, terms that are specific to Computers and the Internet. Each term includes a definition / description. With more than.



In this article, we will discuss different internet terms for beginners to understand.


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