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Ans: Business object can be considered as integrated analysis, reporting and query for the purpose of finding a solution to some business professionals that can be helpful for them to retrieve data from the corporate databases in a direct manner from the desktop. This retrieved information can be presented and analyzed within a document that of business objects. Ans: The reason behind this is that a business user can log into web intelligence and view reports and if they want to create simple reports on an ad-hoc basis then that is also possible.

Whats your role I am working as a developer where I am involved in creating reports using deski, webi, and creating universes and part of administration.

SAP Webi Interview Questions

Business object can be considered as integrated analysis, reporting and query for the purpose of finding a solution to some business professionals that can be helpful for them to retrieve data from the corporate databases in a direct manner from the desktop. This retrieved information can be presented and analyzed within a document that of business objects. The designer is a module related to Business Objects IS used by the designers for creating and maintaining universes.

Universes can be considered as a semantic layer that can isolate the end users from the various issues that are technical and related to the structure of the database. Universe designers have the possibility for distributing the universes to the end users after moving these as a file through the system of files or can be done by exporting the files to the repository. List out the various kinds of methods related to multidimensional analysis that is inside business objects. There are two different methods related to multidimensional analysis available inside BO and these methods are.

Business objects help you in accessing the data from a variety of sources. Drill is a kind of analysis mode associated with business objects and helps in breaking down data as well as in viewing data from all the possible angles and the levels of detail for discovering the factor that has caused a good or a bad result. The details regarding such a connection can be usually stored inside PDAC.

LSI file. This is a kind of connection that is usually used by another user via a server which is a shared one. Secured connection is a kind of connection that can be helpful in overcoming the various limitations associated with the former connections. The rights related to this kind of connection can be set over documents as well as objects.

Universes can be brought inside the central repository only by making use of the secured connection. The parameters regarding these connection care usually saved inside CMS. The custom hierarchies can be used for defining the universe for facilitating drill down that is customized and can happen between objects from different or same classes considering the user requirements. Context can be defined as the particular path of the join between a specific group of joins or the tables for the purpose of a particular query.

A particular object that can be found inside the column of a table, belonging to particular context is supposed to be compatible with all the various kinds of objects belonging to the same context. In the case of objects that are from the various kinds of context, different kinds of SQL can be generated, and the results can be merged inside the micro cube.

This is for making sure that there is no incorrect result associated with a loop or any other kind of issue related with join path. Context can be created by making use of feature associated with context or by manual procedures.

The context is usually created by making use of logical calculation or based on the business requirements. The detect context may not be much useful in this case and so it should be done by making use of the manual procedure. Chasm trap is a condition that arises when the values inside the fact table get inflated at the time of measuring the values from two different fact tables by considering the dimensions inside the dimension table. Using SQL queries from the database level, Derived tables are created in the universe.

The columns of the derived table will be the columns selected in the query. Derived table can be used in the complex calculations which are difficult to be achieved in the report levels. Using a dblink, tables can be accessed from a different schema, is another use of derived tables. User objects are a universe of classes and objects which is created by the universe designer.

Once the objects consisted of the universe does not match your necessities, then the user can create his own objects called User objects. The prompt function asks the end user to enter any specific values. For a name or variable, the value assigned to it will be referenced using Variable.

The syntax is:. Slice works with the master or detail reports and it is used to rename, reset and delete the blocks. The class can be defined as a collection of objects in a universe. Subclasses can be derived from classes and using these classes and the subclasses, we can create a hierarchy. Data mining is the process through which you can extract the required details from the database, which can be made used for making conclusions.

Drill mode helps to analyze data from different angles and different state of details. The available Drill modes are;. The syntax is as. A one to many join, links to a table which respond with another one to many join links is called fan trap. It is to make the users know up-to-date information. Each and every Business Objects channel will be associated with a broadcast agent, who can have several channels.

User objects are not shared with other end users. It is stored in a specific user object definition file. Web intelligence is a solution that is specialized in supporting decisions related to queries, reports, and analysis.

To automatically extract structural information from a database or from a flat file we use a script known as strategy. It is a set of objects and classes. These objects and classes will be intended for an application or a group of users.

Using drill by we can move to other hierarchy and analyze the other data, which belongs to another hierarchy. Your email address will not be published. Top 50 Business object interview questions.

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SAP BO Interview Questions & Answers

Business Objects guideline for job interview preparation. Post your comments as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Business Objects Interview Question or answer. Ask Business Objects Question, your question will be answered by our fellow friends. The main difference between fullclient and webi is in webi only universe can be used as source,whereas in fullclient we can freehand sql,stored procedures and xml dataproviders as source. Is This Answer Correct?

Business object Interview Question and Answers · 1. What is business objects? · 2. What are the advantages of Business Objects over other DSS? · 3. What are the.

Business Objects Interview Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

We can change the report as per requirement for management quick decisions, for management. Crystal Reports: It is standard reporting daily transactions example bank , shopping malls for production users. The cell can be defined as a hyperlink and parameters can be passed to the destination report to open. Explain with Examples? Syntax: Occurs when we remove any object from report that is used in the formula of any variable.

Then here in Wisdomjobs we provide some complete details about the SAP BO interview question and answers to clear the job in very first attempt. Along with the interview question and answers we also provided the various job roles that we can apply in SAP BO. Question 1.

SAP Business Objects Interview Questions and Answers

Business object Interview Question and Answers

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Top 50 SAP Business Objects (BO) Interview Questions & Answers · 1. What is SAP Business Objects? · 2. Explain the pros of using business.


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Dear readers, these SAP Webi Interview Questions have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your interview for the subject of SAP Webi.



1. Explain personal, shared and secured? Answer: Personal: The user and the universes, which are created using the personal connection belongs to that.


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