ultraviolet absorption and luminescence properties of some cannabis constituents pdf

Ultraviolet Absorption And Luminescence Properties Of Some Cannabis Constituents Pdf

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Published: 19.05.2021

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The obtained C-dots were characterized by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometry, dynamic light scattering, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry, and photoluminescent spectrophotometry. Furthermore, light emission that is dependent on hydrothermal time, aging of precursor, and diluted solvent was observed. Carbon quantum dots C-dots have received considerable attention in bioimaging because of their highly biocompatibility, luminescent properties, and sphere-shaped nanoparticles [ 1 , 2 ]. Generally, the synthesis of C-dots involves the carbonization of carbon sources. Among different resources, natural sources become widely accepted as green precursors, which have great advantages in biomedicine because they are simple, repeatable, environment friendly, and cost-effective for the synthesis of C-dots [ 3 , 4 ]. Therefore, considerable effort has been made to synthesize C-dots from abundant natural resources. Quantum yield of C-dots prepared from strawberries is 6.

UV-VIS Spectroscopy and Its Applications

The structural, morphological, optical properties and chemical compositions of the products were analyzed respectively by X-ray diffraction XRD , scanning electron microscopy SEM , diffuse reflectance spectroscopy DRS and X-ray fluorescence XRF spectroscopy. The optical band gap of ZnAl 2 O 4 spinel nanoparticles was 3. When 1. These parameters produced the best photocatalytic activity toward methylene blue MB under UV irradiation. In recent years, the paper, textile, leather and cosmetic industries have developed rapidly worldwide.

Ultraviolet absorption hygrometer. An ultraviolet absorption hygrometer is provided including a source of pulsed ultraviolet radiation for providing radiation in a first wavelength region where water absorbs significantly and in a second proximate wavelength region where water absorbs weakly. Ultraviolet radiation in the first and second regions which has been transmitted through a sample path of atmosphere is detected. The intensity of the radiation transmitted in each of the first and second regions is compared and from this comparison the amount of water in the sample path is determined. Systematic oxidation of polystyrene by ultraviolet -ozone, characterized by near- edge X-ray absorption fine structure and contact angle. Samples of PS exposed to UV-O for s and washed with isopropanol were analyzed using the carbon and oxygen K- edge NEXAFS partial electron yields, using various retarding bias voltages to depth-profile the oxygen penetration into the surface. Evaluation of reference polymers provided a scale to quantify the oxygen concentration implanted by UV-O treatment.

Cannabis sativa L. This fast-growing plant has recently seen a resurgence of interest because of its multi-purpose applications: it is indeed a treasure trove of phytochemicals and a rich source of both cellulosic and woody fibers. Equally highly interested in this plant are the pharmaceutical and construction sectors, since its metabolites show potent bioactivities on human health and its outer and inner stem tissues can be used to make bioplastics and concrete-like material, respectively. In this review, the rich spectrum of hemp phytochemicals is discussed by putting a special emphasis on molecules of industrial interest, including cannabinoids, terpenes and phenolic compounds, and their biosynthetic routes. Cannabinoids represent the most studied group of compounds, mainly due to their wide range of pharmaceutical effects in humans, including psychotropic activities. The therapeutic and commercial interests of some terpenes and phenolic compounds, and in particular stilbenoids and lignans, are also highlighted in view of the most recent literature data.

UV-VIS Spectroscopy and Its Applications

Hence, the ability to dissipate energy to maintain homeostasis is a fundamental principle in all life, which can be viewed as an accretion system where layers of complexity have built upon core abiotic molecules. Many of these compounds are chromophoric and are now involved in multiple pathways. Plants have further evolved a plethora of chromophoric compounds that can not only act as sunscreens and redox modifiers, but also have now become integrated into a generalised stress adaptive system. This could be an extension of the dissipative process.

UV-VIS Spectroscopy and Its Applications

Methods for quantification of cannabinoids: a narrative review

Thanh c , P. Truong e , V. Oanh e , N. Binh f and N. E-mail: canx tnus. E-mail: nguyenthihien tdtu. A one-step method is developed to synthesize doped ternary QDs which is more preferable than a two-step method.

Metrics details. Around cannabinoids have been identified in cannabis plant, among them tetrahydrocannabinol THC and cannabidiol CBD are the most prominent ones. Because of the legal restrictions on cannabis in many countries, it is difficult to obtain standards to use in research; nonetheless, it is important to develop a cannabinoid quantification technique with pharmaceutical applications for quality control of future therapeutic cannabinoids.

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Absorption spectra were collected using a Cary III UV–vis spectrophotometer (a A manual data‐smoothing procedure has been applied to remove the in the database can be perused to assess structure–property relationships. Some photophysical data in the paper were present in the Help files of.


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Ultraviolet absorption and luminescence properties of some cannabis constituents The characteristics of the absorption, fluorescence and phosphorescence.


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A New Edition of Web of Science.



PROPERTIES OF SOME CANNABIS CONSTITUENTS. A. BOWD, P. We have studied the absorption, fluorescence and phosphorescence spectra of As- and.



Spectroscopic analysis included UV absorbance, infrared‐spectral Also, the fluorescent properties of the cannabinoids are presented. major cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa plant material as well as 2 human meta- of these have been shown to possess some biological activity (reviewed by. [9].).


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