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A list of frequently asked HR interview questions or Common interview questions or Job interview questions and answers are given below.

61 HR interview questions and answers

A job interview, especially if it is a fresher interview and more so if it is your first job interview, can be pretty scary. HR interviews are known to test the candidates through and through and as such, you should have some interview questions with answers prepared before you sit for the interview. While we do not claim that you will be asked all these or only these questions during your fresher interview, knowing them and perfecting them will do you a world of good.

But what are these HR interview questions with answers? This is by far the most common HR interview questions for freshers and one whose answer must be on your tongue.

You are asked about yourself and you cannot fail at answering it. This question usually sets the mood and the tone of the interview, so you must prepare your answer accordingly. Any information that they can find in your job resume, is not really an information worth repeating at this point. Talk about your strengths and achievements and indulge in specifics. Talking about your strengths during a job interview is fine but addressing your weaknesses might seem like a daunting task.

After all, it is almost like an unwritten rule that you should put your best self forward during an interview. While no one is asking you to be anything less than your best, but playing your strengths as weaknesses might not really serve you here.

Instead, pick up a real weakness and talk about it. Tell the interviewer how you are trying to overcome your weakness s. Make it authentic and relevant. Make sure that the strengths you talk about are in sync with the job profile.

Of the many interview questions and their answers, this one might seem like the trickiest, especially if you desperately want the job. Instead, frame your answer smartly. Instead of telling the interviewer you are not okay with it, say why you are not okay with it. Give your reasons and talk about how you would like to work here and that you can contribute in so many ways to the company.

The company needs to see your value beyond your availability for night shifts or weekend shifts. Still unsure of how to tackle this question? When you are cornered by such a tricky interview question, you need to stay calm and composed and think back to a time when you actually had to make a tough decision. No one is expecting or asking you to talk about a situation that will be equivalent to India deciding on how to tackle the threat and friendship of China.

So, you can talk about the difficulty you faced when choosing a stream in school or college. That situation was a challenge in your little world and it is worth talking about. Or if you opted for an unconventional career path anything different from engineering or doctoring , then you can tell the interviewer how you convinced your family to let you go ahead with it. However, avoid giving unnecessarily long descriptions. Your answer should be short, precise and get the message across to the interviewer that you are a problem solver.

What is your broader career goal? Do you intend to stick to this field? Think along these lines as you gear to answer this HR interview question. No one is expecting you to know exactly what you will be doing in five years.

However, having an idea will tell the interviewer you have thought along these lines. Talk about how you want to grow in your current position. The hiring manager is obviously looking for someone who will be more stable.

You need to sell yourself as a bankable candidate. Focus on learning, achievements, growth. However, if your plan is to opt for a completely different path altogether, you should keep it to yourself and focus on the now.

This interview question is a perfect opportunity for you to tell the interviewer how you are better and more suitable for the job than any other candidate. Considering that there is always a dearth of good jobs, there will be a lot of people applying for the same job as you.

And of those, there will be many with similar qualifications and educational background. As such, you need to tell the interviewer how you stand out. Talk about your professional persona. Build on how your achievements and personal traits stand in perfect sync to what the job profile asks for. Talking about your hobbies and interests is a great way to open the paths of communication in a job interview. If your hobbies include partying or drinking, then you should look for other hobbies to talk about.

However, if you enjoy a good game of football or compete over video games then you can talk about it. But be ready to answer questions asked regarding your hobbies. So, prepare well and broaden the spectrum of your hobby. This is one of the trickiest yet the simplest of all the HR interview questions with answers for freshers that we have talked about so far. Well, for one, you are only human and the interviewer knows that. So, unless and until you are intending on pulling off something very cheeky, it will be best to stick to the truth.

Talk about an instance when you lied and make sure it is not about a major lie but an innocent, white lie. If your focus is solely on acing the HR interview, then this is a topic you might not have dwelled on. However, it is important to have a fair idea of what salary to expect before you sit for the interview. You can check out sites like Glassdoor to get some idea of the average salary in the industry. You can ask your friends and seniors on what to expect and then come up with your own number.

If you know your worth and think you deserve something, you should stick to it and not settle down for less. This includes sticking to how much salary you get. This by no means says that you should be completely staunch and refuse to budge. However, having a salary range and sticking to it is a great idea. It will also tell the interviewer that you know your own value.

Present your point nicely and make them see how you are the right fit for the job and deserve the salary you are asking for. Asking questions is an integral part of a job interview and one that can make or break your hold on the position.

Asking questions during a job interview tells the interviewer that you are well prepared and have a keen interest in the job. If your questions are insightful, it shows the interviewer that you have done your homework properly.

When it comes to HR interview questions and answers for freshers, you can never be prepared enough. However, the best thing that you can do is to make a note of the most common interview questions and work on them. The answer to these questions should be on your fingertips. Another important tip to remember when you sit for any job interview is to ensure that you look and act confident. Having a great body language can really turn things in your favour. Work on all aspects of an interview, from non-verbal cues to common interview questions with answers — make sure you have a firm command on everything.

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Hi, Amazing and fantastic post like always loaded with high in infomation that iis exceptionally valuable. Yoou are simply awesome. Keep sharing more relsting to this. We want to learn more from you andd more frequently! Powered by themekiller. What It Means? How to justify a gap year in job interview? How to apply for big companies during off-campus placements? Preparing for campus placements? All you should know about it. Presenting the most common HR interview questions with answers.

What are your strengths and weaknesses Talking about your strengths during a job interview is fine but addressing your weaknesses might seem like a daunting task. How did you handle it? Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Sit back, think! Why should I hire you? What are your hobbies and interests? Do you lie? Very direct and very scary! How much salary are you expecting? Do you have any questions for me?

Say yes! Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this.

Top 50 HR Interview Questions and Answers you need to know

Practice the HR Human Resource Interview questions given below and improve your communication and decision making skills in order to face the Interviews with full confidence. This section covers HR interview questions and answers. It will help the job seekers who are about to attend interview. All companies are opting HR interview round to know more about job seeker's interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, decision making and communication skills. We strongly suggest you to go through these questions and write down your answers and compare with others.

1) Tell me a little about yourself. 2) Why do you want to work for this company? 3) Do you consider yourself successful? 4) Are you willing to travel? 5) What are your salary expectations? 6) What would you consider your greatest strengths & weakness? 7) What motivates you? 8) Tell me about your dream job.

HR interview questions: The top 10 questions asked in the HR interview

It has its headquarters in Bengaluru, India. This article is totally based on Infosys Interview Questions and Answers HR, for those who are interested to make their careers in Infosys like Companies. Candidates start out their life stories when interviewers ask this important job interview question. This question can be immobilized, leaving you pondering what it is the employer really wants to know. Do they want to hear about your last job?

10 Common Interview Questions & Answers for Freshers

Points to remember before you attend this HR interview question:. Click on the question name, get answer that particular question.

How would you improve upon our product/ company?

Nikoletta Bika. In the initial screening phase of a hiring process, an HR professional usually a recruiter or HR Generalist will ask candidates a set of HR interview questions. Here, we put together a list of the best human resources interview questions for candidates, plus sample answers. Are they really motivated to get hired for this specific job or do they just mass-apply to every job ad under the sun? Candidates should show that this application was a conscious decision on their part. So, I checked your careers page regularly and when I saw this job ad, I thought it was finally time to try my hand. The best candidates will readily explain how their previous experience relates to the job ad.

If you want to get a good job with very good salary then reading hr interview questions and answers for freshers is must before the interview.

To seek a good job and build a career in any industry, candidates need to crack the interview and HR round in which they are asked for various interview questions. We have compiled a list of commonly asked HR round interview questions and answers that an interviewer might ask you during any job interview. Candidates applying for the job from fresher level to advance level job are likely to be asked these HR round interview questions depending on their experience and various other factors. Following are most commonly asked questions during an HR interview round for freshers as well as experienced job seeking candidates.

A job interview, especially if it is a fresher interview and more so if it is your first job interview, can be pretty scary. HR interviews are known to test the candidates through and through and as such, you should have some interview questions with answers prepared before you sit for the interview.

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Top 30 HR Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers. Tell me about yourself. Why should I hire you? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is the difference between confidence and over confidence? What is the difference between hard work and smart work? Why do you want to work at our company?


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