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While very different in formulation, the essence of some of the rules is similar, if not identical. Rules of IHL deal with many issues that are outside the purview of IHRL, such as the conduct of hostilities, combatant and prisoner of war status and the protection of the Red Cross and Red Crescent emblems. Similarly, IHRL deals with aspects of life in peacetime that are not regulated by IHL, such as freedom of the press, the right to assembly, to vote and to strike. Similarities and Differences.

International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. Similarities and Differences

International human rights law IHRL is the body of international law designed to promote human rights on social, regional, and domestic levels. As a form of international law, international human rights law are primarily made up of treaties , agreements between sovereign states intended to have binding legal effect between the parties that have agreed to them; and customary international law. Other international human rights instruments , while not legally binding, contribute to the implementation, understanding and development of international human rights law and have been recognized as a source of political obligation. The relationship between international human rights law and international humanitarian law is disputed among international law scholars. This discussion forms part of a larger discussion on fragmentation of international law. A more systemic perspective explains that international humanitarian law represents a function of international human rights law; it includes general norms that apply to everyone at all time as well as specialized norms which apply to certain situations such as armed conflict between both state and military occupation i.

Although these cases have been celebrated for reducing the horrors of war, this paper shows otherwise. Part 2 presents these recent rulings. Part 3 analyzes them in order to call attention to an unacknowledged problem with reliance on IHRL as a way of regulating wartime scenarios: doing so often results in lower civilian protection than when International Humanitarian Law IHL is relied upon. In light of this alternative, the dispute over the wartime relations between IHL and IHRL is revealed to be less an expression of disagreements regarding the nature of human rights and more a symptom of the failure of domestic courts to uphold the rule of law in times of war. On April 23, , British forces in Iraq, suspecting Tarek Hassan of being a combatant, arrested him at his home, in the Basra region, and detained him in a joint British-American camp. According to British records, Hassan had been released on May 2, , after they concluded that he was a non-combatant. What happened between May and September remains a mystery.

International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. Similarities and Differences

What is IHL? When does it apply? Is IHL different from human rights law? Who has responsibilities under IHL? International humanitarian law IHL outlines the limitations, restrictions and prohibitions of parties engaged in armed conflict, both international and non-international. While IHL does not prohibit all violence, it does seek to limit the harm and violence caused during situations of conflict. In general, international armed conflict - conflicts between states - is much more heaviliy regulated that internal or non-international armed conflict.

The GC deals with a variety of issues surrounding the right to life, inter alia the death penalty, use of force in law enforcement and armed conflict, investigations and accountability, and extraterritoriality. This law does not prohibit the use of force in hostilities against lawful targets for example combatants or civilians directly participating in hostilities if necessary from a military perspective, provided that, in all circumstances, the rules of distinction, proportionality and precaution in attack are observed. Any violation of international humanitarian law resulting in death, including war crimes, will be an arbitrary deprivation of life. Before taking a closer look at all these points, it should be clarified that the conclusions drawn concern the IHL and human rights obligations of States, and do not necessarily extend to those of non-State actors. In the first place, the African Commission asserted that to determine whether a deprivation of life is arbitrary in armed conflict — and therefore in violation of Article 4 ACHPR — it is necessary to make reference to IHL. The relevant rules the African Commission identified are those concerning the use of force against individuals and the principles of distinction, proportionality and precautions in attack, which apply in both international and non-international armed conflicts Articles 48, 51, 57 AP I ; 13 AP II ; CIHL Study. The second point worthy of note is that the African Commission refrained from invoking lex specialis to read the interplay between IHL and human rights law.

International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law

The existence between International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law has a different feel from each other, though equally universal. As an example of mistreatment of prisoners of war committed by US Occupation Forces in Iraq, surely all countries say it is an international crimes war crimes. The paper argued that the relationship between human rights and humanitarian law can be distinguished but not separated. The principles of the UDHR can apply to the International Humanitarian Law, but some of the principles of the UDHR and limited humanitarian law apply in times of peace and times of armed conflict alone. Argued that the gap between International Humanitarian Law by the Human Rights bridged together through the enactment of the principles of human rights and humanitarian law principles that cannot be postponed.

International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law

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More than twenty years ago the relationship between the law of armed conflict or international humanitarian law (IHL) and human rights law was a matter of academic debate.1 jfq_pubs/pdf (last visited 21 October ). 16 See above.

What is the difference between IHL and human rights law?

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Working paper on the relationship between human rights law.


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