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The increasing exploration and production activities in the offshore Cape Three Point Blocks of Ghana have led to the discovery and development of gas condensate fields in addition to the oil fields which produce significant amount of condensate gas. These discoveries require pipelines to transport the fluids avoiding hydrates and wax formation. This paper focuses on subsea pipeline design using Pipesim software that addresses flow assurance problems associated with transporting condensate gas from the Jubilee and TEN Fields to the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant.

Handbook of Multiphase Flow Assurance allows readers to progress in their understanding of basic phenomena and complex operating challenges. The book starts with the fundamentals, but then goes on to discuss phase behavior, fluid sampling, fluid flow properties and fluid characterization. It also covers flow assurance impedance, deliverability, stability and integrity issues, as well as hydraulic, thermal and risk analysis. The inclusion of case studies and references helps provide an industrial focus and practical application that makes the book a novel resource for flow assurance management and an introductory reference for engineers just entering the field of flow assurance.

Production Optimization and Flow Assurance

Wasden, Frederic K. Flow assurance issues associated with deepwater flowlines and pipelines remain central to cost-effective field developments. Wax, asphaltene and hydrate plug formation comprise the key concerns; corrosion, erosion and chemical incompatibility issues also fall within the flow assurance umbrella. Driven by the high cost of remediation, including deferred production, operators typically specify development schemes focused on ensuring high tolerance to production chemistry and operational upsets. Confident predictions of operating envelopes assuring a clear flow path appear commonplace; efforts to broaden these envelopes may lead to less costly development schemes and higher degrees of operating freedom. Flow assurance, broadly defined, concerns the ability of a production system to transport produced fluids from the bottom of the tubing through the sales pipeline in a predictable manner over the life of a project. Plugging due to gas hydrates, wax and asphaltenes degrades this capability, as does loss of integrity due to corrosion, erosion or mechanical stresses induced by unexpected fluid slugging.

Our product formulations are continually assessed to provide the safest products available, while ensuring that the products perform in a cost competitive fashion. SUEZ's comprehensive Asset Integrity chemical and engineered solutions, together with years of expertise, allows us to offer site-specific solutions to effectively address…. Learn more about Asset Integrity. SUEZ offers a full solution flow assurance service to ensure the successful and cost-effective flow of hydrocarbon streams from the reservoir to the point of sale. SUEZ's best-in…. Learn more about Flow Assurance.

Handbook of Multiphase Flow Assurance

Flow assurance is a multidisciplinary process designed to prevent pipe blockage and help ensure uninterrupted and maximized productivity in oil and gas streams. The studies involve sampling, specialized lab testing, and production and facilities engineering. Specific services include hydrate testing to determine the temperature and pressure conditions of hydrate formations in reservoir fluids, testing to evaluate the effectiveness of chemical inhibitors, and reservoir flow testing to detect and characterize precipitated solids that inhibit flow, such as waxes and asphaltenes. We use a mercury-free sapphire cell to study hydrate formations at pressures to 3, psi [21 MPa] and the visual PVT cell at pressures to 15, psi [ MPa]. We can measure hydrate formation conditions in fluids containing natural gas; CO2; H2S; gas condensate; or conventional oil in the presence of water, synthetically prepared brines, or formation water or brine. The hydrate formation conditions can be measured in both the single- and two-phase regions.

Flow assurance [1] [2] is a relatively new term in oil and gas industry. It refers to ensuring successful and economical flow of hydrocarbon stream from reservoir to the point of sale. Flow assurance is extremely diverse, encompassing many discrete and specialized subjects and bridging across the full gamut of engineering disciplines. Besides network modeling and transient multiphase simulation, flow assurance involves effectively handling many solid deposits, such as, gas hydrates, [4] asphaltene , wax , scale, and naphthenates. The financial loss from production interruption or asset damage due to flow assurance mishap can be astronomical. What compounds the flow assurance task even further is that these solid deposits can interact with each other, [5] and can cause catastrophic blockage formation in pipelines and result in flow assurance failure.

PDF | In the new oil and gas discoveries scenarios, the production of oil and gas occurs far from shore in deep and ultra deep waters. Such production | Find.

Flow assurance in Oil-Gas Pipelines

Al Safran, Eissa M. Al Ansari. Kuwait Oil Company KOC offshore exploration and development plans are underway to boost its production capacity to the future target rate.

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Flow Assurance in Subsea Pipeline Design - A Case Study of Ghana’s Jubilee and TEN Fields

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Laboratory Weighing.


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Representative fluid samples are essential to achieving high quality PVT and flow assurance lab analyses.


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the main flow assurance problems faced by the oil industry, affecting numerous oil Figure Simulation output of wax deposition profile along the test section onshore oil and gas field developments are waxing, hydrates, asphaltenes, slugging elesconditesirio.org


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