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Achebe uses imagery to not only portray the genuine love the mother had for her child but how bad their situation is as well.

Refugee Mother and Child by Chinua Achebe

Achebe uses imagery to not only portray the genuine love the mother had for her child but how bad their situation is as well. A refugee refers to one who will escape from danger to protect themselves and the people they care about risking their own life at any cost.

With the imagery given throughout the poem the readers are able to see this. Due to the circumstance they were were in the poem illustrates the struggle to attain motherhood in various ways which this essay will elaborate on.

Chinua Achebe wrote this poem to really show how much you should appreciate life and cherish it. Chinua Achebe used many components of African literature in his writing in his career. This relates to the poem because he uses these mechanics and techniques to give off the imagery of love, struggle, and death.

The Sub-Saharan Africans used two types of language. They were traditional oral poetry and written language. African literature is greatly influenced by African myths. For instance a myth in particular is that they believe that one all powerful God creates the world and the world is overseen by a group of lesser Gods. Some key components of African literature are folktales, proverbs, and riddles. Proverbs are used as mottos or expressions giving a piece of advice to someone.

In the poem it has many themes that sticks out. One in particular is heartache of a death. Achebe greatly repeats this theme through the poem creating a tragic atmosphere in the first stanza giving the reader an idea of hardship, struggle, and sadness. This quote alone helps to create an image of sadness and a deep dark atmosphere as if they were in the Holocaust.

Even the child has passed away the mother still will always love her child regardless. The fact of the matter is family is family, nobody should be left behind. This proverb is related to the poem with the idea of struggle.

This relates because if one person starved they all starved, even though they tried there best to survive in their situation it was hard because they were in a refugee camp.

The main focus that the poem portrays is a sadness and heartache of a death. Even though her child passed away she still had him in spirit to watch over her and give her peace even with the outcome of her situation. Now looking at opposing views some people may not give the mother as much pity as others would.

Opposing views of the poem may not see that the poem is dealing with these issues. Some may say the main issues have to deal with a depressed community or unhealthy children. Others may call her an unfit parent. With the world we live in today people may judge her and not even take into consideration that they are in a refugee camp but base their opinions on the color of her skin. But what those who feel this way fail to realize is that these are valid points but the overall themes of the poem deals with love, people who are struggling, and death of loved ones.

In conclusion Achebe knew what he was doing by using imagery through the poem from start to finish. For instance in the beginning he gives off this dull and heavy deep mood which gives the readers a sense of sorrow and pain for the people in the poem. God does certain things and puts certain people in certain situations for a reason. A solution that could resolve scenarios like this is giving back and paying attention more to those who need it instead of wasting the talents and opportunities God has granted us with.

One message readers can take from this poem is cherish every moment in life. This poem is highly recommended to those who need to wake up to reality and be grateful for what they have.

Historical Context: Chinua Achebe used many components of African literature in his writing in his career. Theoretical Framework: In the poem it has many themes that sticks out. Death: The main focus that the poem portrays is a sadness and heartache of a death. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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Refugee Mother and Child

This poem is analyzed using an African proverbial lens based upon reflections from the poem using, love, poverty, and patience. A proverb is a meaningful quote or statement that has an analytical meaning. The African Proverbs that are now commonly used were stolen by the white supremacy. In each paragraph the three key points, love, poverty, and patience are analyzed and referenced in regards to the poem, and African proverbs that correlate with each. Paragraph one talks about Love and its position in the world that is displayed in myriad different shapes and forms a manifestation. The Burundian proverb reflects that when love is a part of your life there are no hard times. Paragraph two reflects upon Poverty and how it has manifested throughout many third world countries.

“Refugee Mother and Child” is a poem composed by Chinua Achebe depicting the destitution and starvation for displaced people. The poem is about a.

REFUGEE MOTHER AND CHILD (A Poem) by Chinua Achebe

The air was heavy with odours. He is more renown for his novels and essays. The volume was joint-winner of the Commonwealth Poetry Prize in

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The title of the poem gives off the initial impression that the poem may focus on refugees: one who flees to seek refuge, The lives of refugee children, their parents, their feelings, their emotions and their pain. This foreshadows the idea that her son is dying, and she would have to forget him to adapt to her tragic loss. The picture perfect image — the ideal image of motherhood. The picture of a beautiful, serene mother with her holy new born child.

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Final Critical Analysis paper on Refugee Mother and Child

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