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Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Lavnimesh Agnihotri. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Value Stream Mapping looks at: a. The people, material, and information flow in a value stream b.

The material and information flows in a value stream c. The steps people take in designing and producing a product d. The detailed operation steps within cells 2. A product family matrix is used in value stream mapping to: a.

Create a listing of all your products and the steps that are taken to produce them b. Decide which products are most important to your customers c. Identify and group products into families based on whether they pass through similar steps in your downstream processes d. Divide the mapping teams up into groups with groups with individual mapping assignments 3. The recommended level for beginning to map a value stream for a product family is: a. Corporate wide b.

Door —to-door in an individual facility or plant c. At the process level, for example in a single work-cell 4. Calculate the Takt Time based on the following information: Customer demand is 34, parts per month. The company works 5 days per week and on average 20 days per month.

There are two, eight hour shifts. Lunch is 30 minutes per shift. Two, ten minute breaks are taken per shift. The calculated Takt Time is: a. Data boxes on a value stream map should contain information based on: a.

Engineering standards b. The average measurements over the last year c. The measurements on an ideal or typical day d. What you observe on the day you draw your map 6. One of the biggest mistakes in implementing Lean Manufacturing is: a. Sub optimizing by conducting Kaizen events in areas without first taking a big picture view of the organization b. Not implementing improvements in line with organizational strategy c.

All of the above 7. A supermarket is used where: a. Processes are close together but have different cycle times b. A customer requires specialized products from the finished goods warehouse c. Continuous flow is not possible due to distance, unreliability, or where process serves multiple product families d. Pull can be implemented throughout the door-to-door value stream 8. Creating value stream loops after future state mapping helps you to: a. Break your total value stream plan into manageable pieces and prioritize them b.

Communicate your plan to senior management c. Assign kaizen teams to be responsible for each loop d. Develop measures for each loop based on improving lead times 9. Is about standardizing the way we do things b. Forms a foundation for all other improvement activities c. Is a key to reducing inventory to improve lead time? Everyone is involved b. A major barrier to inventory reduction and batch size reduction is: a. Long set-up changeover times b. Lead time reduction d. Material handlers Set-up Time is typically classified in two categories as: a.

Internal or external b. Value-added or non value added c. Motion and transport waste d. High cost and low cost Policy deployment develops a one year plan reflecting the long-term vision and year strategic planning objectives c.

Policy deployment is a planning-implementation process that focuses on a few major long-term customer-focused breakthrough objectives d. Policy deployment ensures individuals are aligned and understands what improvements are important to work on Select the non-value added activity: a. Assembling two parts together b. Extrusion machine making parts c. Packing parts for shipment d.

Picking up a part, putting it down and picking it up again Defect b. Motion c. Over production d. Over processing What is the goal of TPM? To fix equipment only when it breaks down b. To give an operator one more thing to do c. To utilize worker and machine effectiveness d. To reduce the involvement of other people Kanban b. Manufacturing resource planning c. Material requirements planning d. Lean manufacturing The following are all examples of waste in business, except which one?

Over production b. Unhappy suppliers c. Defective output d. Production waiting time A key feature of Kaizen is that improvements are achieved by making a. Many small change c. Less complicated products d. Large scale investment JIT aims to ensure that inputs into the production process only arrive a. When customers are ready to buy b. When they are needed by production c. When they are paid for d. When the supplier is ready.

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LEAN Manufacturing Quiz I

Analyze the topics at which you excel and know what you have missed out by attempting our lean management test questions. If you are looking for list of questions on lean management, updated according to the latest syllabus, then this lean management exam prep is ideal for your exam preparation. The test assists you to upgrade your skills in lean management. Give it a try today! The Lean Management practice exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions which ensure that you are well aware of the principles of lean and other methodologies that complement lean. You can take up the Lean Management free mock exam as frequently as you like. If you were unable to clear the test in your first attempt, you can learn the Lean concepts better from our Lean Management Course and take up the test again for better results.

quiz dag progress review question wat is the objective of the lean philosophy? decrease inventory turns. flow value to the customer. maximize the amount of.

Lean Manufacturing Quiz

Browse All Regulations. I'm looking for support for Lean manufacturing is one of the most popular and most effective ways to organize workflow, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency in the workplace.

Speak now. Lean manufacturing works from the perspective of providing a product to customers who will not be wasteful and ultimately use the product to the fullest. Essentially, lean manufacturing is preserving value with less work. Or, at least consider taking these quizzes to know more about Lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy derived mostly from whom?

Six Sigma Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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True — False Items.


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Non-value-added activities are considered waste if they fall into one of the eight categories.


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Lean manufacturing is a method of eliminating waste. What is the 11 Questions​Show answers. Question Lean manufacturing reduces waste in three areas.


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In this Six Sigma Questions and Answers section you can learn and practice Six Sigma Questions and Answers to improve your skills in order to face technical interview conducted by organizations.


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