electrical machines 1 lab viva questions and answers pdf

Electrical Machines 1 Lab Viva Questions And Answers Pdf

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Mechanical Engineering 1. MCQ Practice Tests. Timed Mock Tests. Online Quizzes. Technical Terms.

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Rio de Janeiro LTC Volumes 1 e 2. Tag electrical machines 2 lab viva questions answers. Electrical Machines Questions and Answers. S Bharadwaj Reddy July 3 September 11 Our interview questions are created by writers almost all of which have a long history of recruiting and interviewing candidates.

What is magnetic circuit? The closed path followed by magnetic flux is called magnetic circuit 2. Define magnetic flux? Define magnetic flux density? Define magneto motive force? MMF is the cause for producing flux in a magnetic circuit. Define reluctance?

EM-I Lab Viva Questions

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Why should the field rheostat be kept in the position of minimum resistance? Why a DC series motor should never be stared without load? Comment on the Speed Torque characteristics of a DC series motor. How does the torque vary with the armature current in a DC series motor? Why is the speed of DC shunt motor practically constant under normal load condition? What are the factors affecting the speed of a DC shunt motor?

What is the power factor of a transformer at no load? At no load, the power factor of a transformer is very low and lagging, whereas the power factor on load is nearly equal to the power factor of the load, which it is carrying. What is the normal phase difference between the voltage and the no-load current in a transformer? What are the essential parts of a transformer? The essential parts of a transformer are as follows: i.

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In this post we had collected some of the most frequently asked electrical machines 1 viva questions with detailed answers. We believe that these FAQs will be useful for your practical exams and interviews as well. Dec] The equivalent circuit is the electrical model of the transformer. For synchronous machines there exists a fixed relationship between number of poles P, frequency f and the speed of the machine.

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Electrical Machines 1 Viva Questions and Answers

Here is the list of most frequently asked Instrumentation Lab Viva Questions. Instrumentation Viva Questions. Mention some of the transducers. Variable Resistor, A Resistance Thermometer or Resistance Temperature Detector is a device which used to determine the temperature by measuring the resistance of pure electrical wire.

A list of top frequently asked Electrical Machines interview questions and answers are given below. A Single-phase autotransformer is a single winding transformer in which a part of the winding is common to both high-voltage and low-voltage sides. This law states that when we move any current carrying conductor in a magnetic field, then an EMF is induced in it. Eddy current losses can be minimized by laminating the core and insulating the core from each other with paper or varnish. High-speed alternators are called Turbo Alternators.

In this MCQ you can learn and practice Voltage Regulation of Transformer objective quiz questions to test your knowledge on electrical machines In this MCQ you can learn and practice Equivalent Circuit of Transformer objective quiz questions to test your knowledge on electrical machines In this MCQ you can learn and practice Transformer as a Magnetically Coupled Circuit objective quiz questions to test your knowledge on electrical machines However, this would mean one less equation than the number of variables node voltages present in the circuit. A constraint equation can be easily specified given by the magnitude of the ideal voltage source present between the nodes and the respective node voltages. The following example will help clarify this scenario.


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