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What is Data Analysis? Research | Types | Methods | Techniques

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Kimberly Logronio. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Others culture could easily affect their decisions and beliefs since in that year's students can be easily influenced by their environment.

This finding uphold with the findings in Table 1 where all respondents are within the age of years old. It is their discretion to whether adapt or reject the latter's beliefs, value, and attitude since both differs from one another in many aspects of culture. Religion plays a big role in our lives.

It controls our daily decision and perception in life. Christians are the one most affected since they are in an Islamic City which has a different environment and belief from them. The result also implies that the university equally distributed the rights of the students through accommodating Christians in the dormitories not only the minorities. Herein, the objective of Cultural-integration among the Christians and Muslims was achieved. Frequency and Percentage Distribution of Respondents According to Academic StatusAs shown in Table 9 shows the perception of the respondents on the Individual differences of PLH-selected residents in the power distance category.

This shows that students still consider others' beliefs as similar to their own and both have equal place in the society. Thus, it implies that power and wealth in the society often affects the individual differences of the respondents. It also implies that regardless of their differences in beliefs and attitude power must be distributed equally among them in the society.

Table10 shows the perception of the respondents on the Individual differences of PLH-selected residents in the uncertainty avoidance category. The over-all weighted mean of 2. The data reveal that majority of the students often try to cope with stress by fighting uncertainty and ambiguous situations within the society.

They consider having a different culture background of people around them as risky and dangerous. It could mean that they are not in favour of having different kinds of culture around them. The over-all weighted mean of 3. The data reveal that majority of the respondents often give more importance to time. They are the people who have a future-oriented culture enjoy discussing potential and future achievement.

They tend to define success over a long time horizon and they are individuals who prefer to complete one task at a time and spending money carefully in the present for later enjoyment.

It also means postponing present happiness to the future.. Table 9 summarizes that the over-all weighted mean of the three categories of individual differences namely the individualism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, time orientation are 2. It was found out in the research that the selected respondents of Princess Lawanen Hall perceive that often individualism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, time orientation are the factor that affects their differences.

It implies that there are differences among them and it's their decision they choose as the one best for them. This also implies that there are differences among the respondents in terms of personality, beliefs, attitude, values, and culture.

This is because majority of the respondents are from the different provinces of Mindanao and some part of Visayas. The data reveals that most of the respondents are tuition privilege, and almost half are paying students, therefore, majority of them are scholars. This implies that respondents are intellectually stable and being intelligent it easily helped them distinguish what is right and wrong.

This is because not all of the residents are on the same cultural background, there are residents who are individualistic and at the same time there are also collectivistic types of people residing in Princess Lawanen Hall dormitory. This also implies that residents have different approach in relation to their personal life. Table 11shows the11showsperception of the respondents on the Individual differences of PLH-selected residents in the time orientation category.

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Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of data

This amazing site, which includes experienced business for 9 years, is one of the leading pharmacies on the Internet. How to cite: Evans, Robert The analysis of the data is presented in Chapters This paper, therefore tries to explain some of the warranties that are provided in the. Chapter 4. Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation by Jenny.


Profile of the Research Participants A total of faculty members and administrators were invited to participate in this study. Of those invited, responded to this invitation or an equivalent of Table 3. Figure 4. Profile of Participants According to Employment Status In terms of academic rank, the research participants had varied qualifications ranging from a bachelors degree for Lecturers and Instructors to a doctoral degree for Full Professors and some Professional Lecturers.

Data analysis is defined as a process of cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to discover useful information for business decision-making.

Text Analysis

Contents - Previous - Next. Stages of analysis and interpretation of findings Establishing the trustworthiness of information Presentation of findings Implementation of findings. This chapter deals with the processes of conducting overall analysis of all the information gathered and reviewed; checking its trustworthiness by triangulation; interpreting or making sense of findings; presentation and use of findings. As documentation is one of the most important outputs of a hygiene evaluation study, we shall demonstrate how investigation and analysis link up to report writing in practical terms. There are four main stages in the analysis and interpretation of qualitative information. These are discussed in more detail in several text books including Patton , , Miles and Huberman , and Silverman

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When creating chapters 4 and 5 of your study, always go back to your Statement of Purpose to determine what data needs to be displayed and what results you need to have to achieve the purposes of your study. Shorten a paper by stating points of discussion clearly and directly to avoid a long paper. Confining the discussion to the specific problem under study, combining or deleting data displays, elimination of repetitions across sections, and writing in the active voice are ways to shorten a paper. We tested three groups: a low performers, who scored fewer than 30 points; b moderate performers, who scored between 30 and 60 points; and c high performers, who scored more than 60 points.

It is a messy, ambiguous, time consuming, creative, and fascinating process. It does not proceed in a linear fashion; it is not neat. Data analysis is a search for answers about relationships among categories of data. Data analysis is considered to be important step and heart of the research in research work. In the beginning the data is raw in nature but after it is arranged in a certain format or a meaningful order this raw data takes the form of the information.


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